Which day is cheapest in Barbeque Nation?

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Which day is cheapest in Barbeque Nation?

Monday to Tuesday Lunch Buffet The Monday and Tuesday Lunch Buffet at Barbeque nation comes at the same price. For veg menu, you have to pay Rs 649 for Adults, and as for Kids you have to pay Rs 359. For the non-veg menu, you have to pay the same for Adults and Kids.

What is the cost of one person in Barbeque Nation?

It varies from Rs.. 600 to 900 per person. But the food is worth the value. One will not mind paying the amount as he is getting full value for his money. over a year ago.

Can we eat unlimited in Barbeque Nation?

Barbeque Nation entered the Indian restaurant market with a unique All You Can Eat concept. Customers get a choice of five vegetarian and five non-vegetarian starters that they can season and cook on the grill at their table, move to the main course buffet and eat as much as they want.

How do I get a discount on Barbeque Nation?

You can get Barbeque Nation coupons from online stores like TalkCharge. Visit the website or mobile app and go to the Barbeque Nation store page and browse through all the latest coupons and offers available.

Is BBQ Nation worth the money?

Review of Barbeque Nation. Description: Barbeque Nation is one of the most successful casual dining restaurant chains in India. The entire cuisine is a happy blend of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian and is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. …

How much tax does Barbeque Nation charge?

In their written statement, the representative of Barbeque Nation pleaded that VAT at 12.50% is charged from all customers on the total bill amount (excluding liquor), plus service tax is charged at 4.9449% on the total bill amount, including service charge, which is paid to the Chandigarh Administration, and the said …

Does Barbeque Nation give complimentary drink?

It’s Cheers’O’ clock at Barbeque Nation. Enjoy a round of complimentary drinks during lunch (Wed-Sun). T&C apply. Book your table now.

Is beer complimentary in Barbeque Nation?

Yes they give you one complimentary drink you can chose from beer or lime soda and other ones .. but this is available only during afternoons.

What is early bird buffet?

Early bird dinner is a dinner served earlier than traditional dinner hours, particularly at a restaurant. Many establishments offer a seating prior to their main dinner seating with a reduced price menu, often more limited in selection than the standard dinner menu. It may use a prix fixe menu.

Do BBQ restaurants make money?

Based on average sales of $300 an hour for four hours a day, plus $5,000 a day over a weekend, earnings calculate to almost $34,000 a month. From this amount, you will have to pay all overhead, staff wages and purchase costs.

How much time does Barbeque Nation give?

over a year ago. They assume that a complete meal takes up to a max of 2 hours but most guests wind up within 90 minutes.

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