Did Weekend Warrior RV go out of business?

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Did Weekend Warrior RV go out of business?

Weekend Warrior pioneered the toy hauler segment of the RV business before it went bankrupt in 2008 and closed its production facilities in Perris, California.

Who builds weekend warrior?

Mark Warmoth
The Weekend Warrior product team is led by Mark Warmoth, the Founder, and CEO of Weekend Warrior who has had a vast history of creating cutting edge, innovative products that have redefined and pioneered toy haulers in the RV Industry since 1988.

How much does a 2007 Weekend Warrior weigh?

2007 Weekend Warrior CR3905

MODEL CR3905 5th wheel
Weight 7,520 lbs.
Carrying Capacity 6,000 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Wt Rating (GVWR) 16,000 lbs.
Tongue Weight 2,425 lbs.

Who makes Warrior toy haulers?

It’s a Luxury 5th Wheel and a Toy Hauler… Road Warrior Toy Hauler by Heartland Multi-Lifestyle Vehicles by Heartland combine all the best that fifth wheel RVing has to offer with the versatility of a toy hauler. Road Warrior offers unique floorplans, each providing the ultimate in interior spaciousness.

What manufacturer makes Weekend Warrior trailers?

Omega RV
Omega RV is the parent company that is breathing new life into the Weekend Warrior toy haulers that carved the first niche that brought the off-road community into the world of RVs.

What is a weekend warrior in the military?

a reservist who attends weekend meetings of his or her unit in order to fulfill military obligations. a person who engages in a hobby or activity only on weekends or in his or her leisure time and is not considered to be particularly skilled, prepared, etc.: exercise equipment for the casual user and weekend warrior.

How much does a weekend warrior weigh?

Weekend Warrior, Inc. is an innovative leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing high quality toy-haulers since 1989….Used 2006 Warrior Mfg Weekend Warrior 2800FSC.

Sleeps 6
Gross Weight 11100 lbs
Dry Weight 6655 lbs
Cargo Weight 4445 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 150 gals

How much is a road warrior?

With Routes up to 120 Stops, and with the ability to switch devices at any time, RoadWarrior Pro is a steal at only $10USD/month (or $100USD/year). Ready to go Pro?

How wide is a weekend warrior trailer?

The 26′ Weekend Warrior Vacation Trailer actually measures over 28 feet in living quarters and features wide-body construction which means there is lots of room inside.

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