Why Kim So Hyun called SSO?

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Why Kim So Hyun called SSO?

She was dubbed the “Queen of Child Actor” (아역퀸) by the Korean press. She played the role of Lee Soo-yeon, bullied by her schoolmates and being called ‘the daughter of the murderer’ gets kidnapped and sexually assaulted while trying to save her friend.

Does Kim So Hyun have siblings?

Early life and education. Kim So-hyun was born on June 4, 1999, in Australia, and has a younger brother. She moved to South Korea in 2003, when she was four years old. Her father died when she was nine years old.

How rich is Kim Hyun?

Kim So-Hyun Net Worth: $117 million. Earnings per episode: $84,000. Kim So Hyun is one of the richest Korean actors today.

Who is the ideal girl of Kim Soo Hyun?

Kaya Scodelario is a new British actress and model, and Kim Soo Hyun often views her as his ideal type of girl.

What is Kim So Hyun favorite color?

– Her favourite colours are Navy & Brown. – She likes apples and watermelons. – She wants to go on a backpacking trip with her friends. – Sohyun loves to read webtoons on her spare time.

Who are the male leads in Kim So hyun?

In this popular school series, Kim So Hyun had two popular and good looking male leads who’s interested in her. One would be Nam Joo Hyuk, that bae above, and the other one is Yook Sung Jae (from BTOB ). We all know that Nam Joo Hyuk is Korea’s National Boyfriend and you’d be very lucky to be paired with him.

Is it Kim So hyun or Kim Soo hyun?

Yes, Kim So Hyun with just one “O”. If you’re still confused, click on their names to compare who these people are: Kim So Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun . A little background on Kim So Hyun: She’s one of the most popular child actresses in Korea because she started acting at a young age.

Who is Kim So hyun’s boyfriend in Nightmare Teacher?

We all know that Nam Joo Hyuk is Korea’s National Boyfriend and you’d be very lucky to be paired with him. It’s once in a lifetime and Kim So Hyun got to be with him in this drama. Nightmare Teacher is a thriller, mystery school drama wherein the students fall into a sweet seduction of their hopes and dreams.

When did Kim So hyun move to South Korea?

Kim So Hyun was born in Australia but later on moved to South Korea when she was 5 years old. Her career began in 2008 but she only gained popularity when she portrayed the young villainous queen-to-be in Moon Embracing The Sun (2012). She played as the young Yoon Bo-Kyung in there.

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