What is career 360?

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What is career 360?

We help students take informed career decisions. Addressing young professionals in the age bracket of 17-35, Careers360 would straddle the education, career planning and professional guidance market space.

Who is the founder of Careers360?

Mr. Maheshwer Peri
Maheshwer Peri, Founder and Chairman of Careers360, on the…

Is Careers360 good for NEET?

careers360 is very good platform for NEET.

How do I unsubscribe from jobs360?

Hi. You can click on “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the mail, which will redirect you to Unsubscribe page of Career360.

How does Careers360 make money?

Nearly 85% of its revenue comes through advertisements and 15% from students.

Who is owner of Pathfinder?

Maheshwer Peri – Founder & CEO – Pathfinder Publishing India Private Limited | LinkedIn.

Is 520 a good score in NEET 2021?

520 is kind of a good score in NEET . You will get a good college for yourself.

Is there any free online coaching for NEET?

The Chief Minister of Karnataka had launched a free NEET online coaching portal for registered aspirants, GetCETGo. In order to equip students for the preparation of NEET 2021, this free coaching portal has been launched by CM.

How does CollegeDunia generate revenue?

CollegeDunia earns revenue combination of lead generation (CPL) and banner ads. When a student apply to a institute through CollegeDunia and get admission into it, they receive a certain amount from the college authorities. Every month, the education portal get hits over 1 lakh and the traffic is increasing day by day.

How does Shiksha earn?

How does Shiksha.com make its money? A. Shiksha.com is the most visited study abroad website in India with 20 million page views every year. Like other popular free websites, we make our money from a mix of online advertisements and partnerships.

Is the career 360 test a good tool?

It is an excellent tool for career exploration and in depth analysis of your inherent and learned work abilities. The test is highly accurate and its objectivity ranks high in comparison to other career or personality tests available. Faige, did a masterful job, reviewing the results and providing concrete guidance on best next steps.

What makes a career360° a home base?

Career360° provides a home base from which to engage with career-related activities, events, resources, and opportunities, as you work toward the path that’s right for you.

Which is the best website for career direction?

Career direction, education plan, LinkedIn profile, customizable cover letter and job search action plan. This opens in a new window. I highly recommend Faige for career direction, resumes and cover letters. I was just beginning to look for a new job after working for the same organization for over 17 years.


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