What happened at the end of On the Waterfront?

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What happened at the end of On the Waterfront?

In the final scene of On the Waterfront , Malloy is beaten badly by Johnny Friendly’s goons. He can barely walk. When his girlfriend Edie (Eva Saint Marie) tries to help him, Father Barry (Karl Malden) waves her off.

What was the message of the film On the Waterfront?

It is of course, Elia Kazan’s On The Waterfront, a film whose themes of brotherly loyalty and political betrayal have become so integral to the American film that another brilliant film, 1980’s Raging Bull, is so unashamedly inspired by it that the protagonist of the latter film recites the indelible lines of the …

What does D and D mean in On the Waterfront?

Anyone who went against the D&D (Deaf and Dumb) policy was killed, and anyone thought to be a supporter was not allowed to work on the docks. The other dock workers were afraid of losing their own jobs and a means of supporting their families.

Who is the antagonist in On the Waterfront?

Skelly, or better known by his union name Johnny Friendly, is the main antagonist of the 1954 film, On the Waterfront.

Why does Edie slap Terry at the dock?

Why does Edie slap Terry? Terry takes the tab from her dad even though he doesn’t need it. Pops needs the money for Joey’s funeral.

Could there be a contender Raging Bull?

“I could’ve been a contender” was a powerful line when Marlon Brando said it to Rod Steiger in 1954’s On The Waterfront; when Jake La Motta (Robert De Niro) says it in Raging Bull it takes on a new level of meaning.

Why was On the Waterfront so important?

On the waterfront. One of the most significant films in American cinema history Elioa Kazan’s On the Waterfront was not only a commentary on its times, but reflected the director’s own crise de conscience as he turned against his former colleagues and testified to the House UnAmerican Activities hearings.

Why is On the Waterfront considered a classic?

Why I Think This Is A Classic 50’s Movie: A big reason I think of On the Waterfront as a classic 50’s film is because of the emblematic cinematography of Boris Kaufman, who later shot 12 Angry Men, The Fugitive Kind, and a little later on, The Pawnbroker, among others. …

What is the most important character called?

Protagonist: The main character of the story is the protagonist.

Who is Mr upstairs in On the Waterfront?

Upstairs. The corrupt leader who directs Johnny Friendly from afar.

What does Terry’s brother Charlie do for a living?

What does Terry’s brother Charlie do for a living? He is a mobster, Johnny’s right hand and works at the dock.

Why does Terry feel responsible for Joey’s death?

Terry witnesses a murder by two of Johnny’s thugs, and later meets the dead man’s sister and feels responsible for his death. He feels guilty about the death of the young man after falling for his sister and meeting “Father Barry” in his campaign to take down the evil longshoremen union bosses in the courts.

Why was the movie on the waterfront made?

It’s easy to see why, for “On the Waterfront” can be studied from various perspectives. On the one hand the film reflects a time in history when some Americans named names before the House of Un-American Activities Committee much like Terry Malloy does in court.

Where was the mise en scene in on the Waterfront filmed?

The mise-en-scène, or physical environment in which On the Waterfront takes place, is not a set. Kazan and his crew filmed On the Waterfront on the actual docks and piers of Hoboken, New Jersey, in view of New York City.

Why was on the waterfront important to Pauline Kael?

Others simply revisit the film to study its significance in film history and the impact of Brando’s method acting. Pauline Kael recognized strong Christian symbolism in the plot and looked at the film from a religious point of view.

What are the background sounds in on the waterfront?

The background sounds on the dock—ships’ whistles and chains clanging through metal loops—add to the realistic aural environment. All of these decisions result in an environment that heightens the reality and depth of the characters’ struggles and emotions.

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