Where can I see Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings?

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Where can I see Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings?

UCCA Center for Contemporary ArtBeijing
Jean-Michel Basquiat/On view

What is Jean-Michel Basquiat’s iconic painting?

Untitled (Yellow Bone King), 1982 Although Basquiat’s Untitled (Yellow Bone King) stayed closer to its low estimate at Christie’s New York, selling for $26 million in 2013, it was described as one of the most important contemporary artworks of today and one of the most recognized paintings of Jean Michel Basquiat.

What did Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings mean?

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent. He was one of the most influential American artists and focused on “suggestive dichotomies,” including integration versus segregation, wealth versus poverty, and inner versus outer experience.

How many Basquiat paintings are there?

During his short yet productive career, Basquiat created more than 600 paintings and 1,500 drawings.

What museum has the most Basquiat’s?

the Whitney Museum collection
Of the six Basquiat works in the Whitney Museum collection, Hollywood Africans, completed in 1983, is considered by many to be the biggest draw.

Why are Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings so expensive?

Even during Basquiat’s lifetime, he was a market star, making $1.4 million a year. However, prices for the artist’s work have only truly taken off in recent years, driven primarily by demand from a small group of billionaires.

Why are Jean Michel Basquiat paintings so important?

Jean-Michel Basquiat is iconic for two reasons which amount to the same thing: he was a black artist and he painted in a way that recognised and popularised black heritage in art. Part of the 1970s-80s Neo-Expressionist art movement, Basquiat’s paintings are full of frenetic but also very directed energy and vivid simple colours.

Why was Jean Michel Basquiat pigeon holed as a black artist?

Basquiat’s use of imagery and motifs suggestive of African art made it easy to stereotype him as a black artist but he was keen to be known simply as an artist. This antagonism between how he wanted to present himself and how he was pigeon-holed by others is documented through his work.

What did Jean Michel Basquiat leave his daughter?

The father left his other daughter, Jeanine Heriveaux, a portrait of himself that Warhol also painted. Gerard ‘s longtime companion, Nora Fitzpatrick, was left “Drycell,” Jean-Michel’s last painting before his death. She also received Gerard’s three-story Boerum Hill brownstone, where the artist spent his childhood.

What was the value of Matilda Basquiat’s estate?

Matilda’s estate was initially valued at $5 million, but a subsequent appraisal of the art by auction house Sotheby’s brought it up to $37 million. In 2010, Gerard paid $8.5 million in estate taxes, according to a recent court filing by Heriveaux, who is named as an executor of her dad’s estate.

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