How many refugee camps are in Indonesia?

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How many refugee camps are in Indonesia?

Indonesia currently hosts more than 13,000 refugees and asylum seekers from some 40 countries, with over half coming from Afghanistan, followed by smaller populations from Somalia, Iraq, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Yemen. Around a quarter of the total number of refugees and asylum seekers are children.

Where did the Vietnamese refugees go?

“Some of them trekked through the forest through Laos and into Thailand, but mostly they fled by ocean to places like Singapore and Hong Kong,” says Bui. “They were often attacked by Malaysian and Thai pirates who raped the women and stole any gold or money they had. That’s why it was so harrowing.”

How do you get to Galang Island?

Administratively, all three islands form part of the city of Batam; the nearest other city to Galang is Tanjungpinang on Bintan island, about a 30-minute boat ride away. The island is connected by the Barelang Bridge to Rempang and Batam.

Why did the Vietnamese flee their country?

Political oppression, poverty, and continued war were the main reasons Vietnamese fled their country. The desire to leave was especially great for Vietnamese who had fought for the South, worked with the United States, or held positions in the South Vietnamese government.

Why do refugees go to Indonesia?

Most commonly, these refugees are fleeing from their countries due to “war, persecution due to their beliefs, and violations of their human rights.”

Are refugees allowed to work in Indonesia?

Indonesia currently does not allow asylum seekers and refugees to work or engage in any income-generating activities. The idea is considered too sensitive and would not sit well with the public, whose negative sentiment toward foreign workers has been exacerbated recently because of the influx of Chinese workers.

How many Vietnamese are there in Malaysia?

The Vietnamese Malaysians consists of people of full or partial Vietnamese descent who were born in or immigrated to Malaysia. The estimated number of people who speak Vietnamese in Malaysia is 70,000 in the country.

What happened to Vietnamese boat people?

Boat people, refugees fleeing by boat. The term originally referred to the thousands of Vietnamese who fled their country by sea following the collapse of the South Vietnamese government in 1975. Crowded into small vessels, they were prey to pirates, and many suffered dehydration, starvation, and death by drowning.

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