Does the cervical spine have facet joints?

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Does the cervical spine have facet joints?

The cervical spine includes the top seven levels of the spine, labeled C1 through C7. There are two facet joints on either side of the back of each vertebra in the neck. These joints provide stability, while also enabling neck movements such as turning or nodding the head.

What are facet joints in the cervical spine?

The cervical, thoracic and lumbar facet joints allow your neck and back to bend forward and backward and are a common source of spine-related pain. Photo Source: Shutterstock. The facet joints allow your back and neck to bend forward and backward, but they are also a common cause of spine-related pain.

What are symptoms of facet joint problems?

Symptoms of Lumbar Facet Joint Disorders

  • Localized pain. A dull ache is typically present in the lower back.
  • Referred pain. The pain may be referred to the buttocks, hips, thighs, or knees, rarely extending below the knee.
  • Radiating pain.
  • Tenderness on palpation.
  • Effect of posture and activity.
  • Stiffness.
  • Crepitus.

How do you fix cervical facet joint pain?

Care for Cervical Facet Joint Pain Their doctor may recommend soft tissue massage, physical therapy, and posture correction. This is usually combined with medications such as an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, or muscle relaxers to ease muscle spasms in the muscles that surround the affected joint.

Do facet joint problems show on MRI?

Facet arthropathy may be diagnosed on x-rays, CT and MRI. CT scan may show thickened irregular facet joints. MRI scan may show joint swelling, thickened ligaments and bones and pinched nerves.

Does walking help facet joint pain?

With facet joint impingement, the best modes of aerobic exercise are: slow walking.

Where are the facet joints located in the spine?

One pair faces upward (superior articular facet) and one downward (inferior articular facet). There is one joint on each side (right and left). Facet joints are hinge–like and link vertebrae together. They are located at the back of the spine (posterior). Facet joints are synovial joints.

Why are the lumbar facets important to the spine?

The facet joints connect the spine’s vertebral bones, allow motion in the spine, and protect spinal structures, such as the discs and spinal cord. These joints undergo various degrees of stress and strain on a daily basis, which are more concentrated on the lumbar facets, making them susceptible to injury and degeneration.

What are the names of the joints in the spine?

Joints allow motion (articulation). The joints in the spine are commonly called Facet Joints. Other names for these joints are Zygapophyseal or Apophyseal Joints. Each vertebra has two sets of facet joints. One pair faces upward (superior articular facet) and one downward (inferior articular facet).

What kind of back pain does facet joint syndrome cause?

Some researchers estimate that facet joint syndrome accounts anywhere from 15% of all low back pain complaints to 59.6% in men and 66.7% in women. 1 While facet joint syndrome most often affects the lumbar spine, the cervical and thoracic spinal regions may be affected as well.

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