What is Castoredc?

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What is Castoredc?

What is Castor EDC? Castor is a cloud-based Electronic Data Capture, eCRF, ePRO, eCOA, eConsent, and Decentralized Trials platform that enables researchers to easily capture and integrate data from any source in real-time.

What is Castor database?

Faster, smarter medical research. Castor is a cloud-based clinical data management platform, enabling researchers to easily capture and integrate data from clinicians, patients, devices, wearables, and EHR systems.

How much does Castor EDC cost?

Q: How much does Castor EDC cost? Pricing for Castor EDC starts at $100.00/year.

What is eCRF research?

An eCRF (electronic case report form) is a software system used to collect data in a clinical study. Commonly, eCRFs are web-based applications containing various data forms and fields designed to receive data in clinical trials or observational studies.

What is EDC full form?

An electronic data capture (EDC) system is a computerized system designed for the collection of clinical data in electronic format for use mainly in human clinical trials. Typically, EDC systems provide: a graphical user interface component for data entry.

What is EDC machine?

EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machines are used for accepting payments at all retail outlets. Customer can pay through Debit Card, Credit Card, QR code, UPI, PPB and Net Banking. The cards supported are Visa, Master, Rupay and International Cards.

What is called Castor in English?

/ (ˈkɑːstə) / noun. the brownish aromatic secretion of the anal glands of a beaver, used in perfumery and medicine. the fur of the beaver. a hat made of beaver or similar fur.

Who approves eCRF?

Generally, the site investigator approves CRFs. You can approve CRFs only if you have approval privileges. You approve CRFs, one at a time, from the Data Entry window. Alternatively, your sponsor can configure RDC Onsite to make a group approval option available.

What is eTMF?

eTMF stands for electronic trial master file. It is the all-important trial master file in a digital format. Over the past decade, it has become standard in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to use an electronic TMF.

What EDC dies?

EDC means “Every Day Carry.”

What is EDC used for?

Ethylene dichloride (EDC) is used primarily for the production of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), which is used mainly in the polymerization manufacture of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is commonly used in pipes, fittings, profiles, tubes, windows, doors, sidings, wire, cable, film, sheet, and flooring.

What is the difference between POS and EDC machine?

Steps in a Point of Sale Transaction and Electronic Authorization. POS refers to the process in which a buyer purchases a product or service. An authorization of the buyer’s account is done, and then, after the sale is approved, the EDC enables the initiation of funds from the buyer’s account.


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