What are the best gadgets to use in Jetpack Joyride?

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What are the best gadgets to use in Jetpack Joyride?

Special Gadget Combinations

  • Air Barrys. + Gravity Belt. = High Mobility.
  • Air Barrys. + X-Ray Specs. = Futuristic Fashion.
  • Air Barrys. + Ezy-Dodge Missiles. = Air Dodger.
  • Nerd Repellant. + X-Ray Specs. =
  • Nerd Repellant. + Free Ride. =
  • Nerd Repellant. + Flash. =
  • Insta-Ball. + Gravity Belt. =
  • Insta-Ball. + Freeze-O-Matic. =

How do you get the walkies achievement in Jetpack Joyride?

The player has to equip the Flash gadget, and start accumulating mileage. Once a total of 10,000 meters with Flash has been covered, the achievement will be unlocked.

Does Jetpack Joyride have an end?

Yes, there is an end. 30000 meters and a wall zaps you, and that’s the end.

Do gadgets in Jetpack Joyride last forever?

Jetpack Joyride 1.3 will be officially launched on April 26th as a FREE update which means it’s time to delve deeper into the awesome gadgets awaiting Barry Steakfries! Players can also mix and match any two gadgets, which can then be used an unlimited number of times after purchase.

How do you get more coins in Jetpack Joyride?

The player may earn coins with the following ways:

  1. Picking coins from the runs.
  2. Winning coins from the Final Spin.
  3. Daily S.A.M. Challenge rewards.
  4. Cashing in Spin Tokens.
  5. Leveling up.
  6. Purchasing with real money.

How do you get a germaphobe in Jetpack Joyride?

Fly 2km, without touching any coins, scientists, or tokens.

Is there a way to beat Jetpack Joyride?

Don’t use a jetpack that has rapid fire, such as the Machine Gun Jetpack or the Shark Head Jetpack, it will disorientate you. Try to prepare at least 1 Quick Revive and Final Blast as a backup. Focus mainly on the right side of the screen in order to avoid Zappers and Missiles more easily.

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