What is a 3G football pitch?

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What is a 3G football pitch?

3G Pitches 3G stands for a Third Generation synthetic surface which consists of three elements; synthetic turf, sand infill and rubber infill. These surfaces are typically between 35mm-65mm in pile height.

Do 3G pitches flood?

Synthetic 2G or 3G all weather sports pitches can become flooded and waterlogged for all kids of reasons, however the most common reasons are compaction and contamination of the sand and rubber infill layer due to a lack of proper maintenance.

How much does a 3G rugby pitch cost?

How much does it cost to build a 3G Pitch for Rugby? The average cost for a brand new 3G artificial grass pitch (AGP) for rugby is around £700,000, but in reality, they can cost anywhere between £600,000 and £900,000 depending on a number of factors.

How big is a 3G pitch?

100m x 64m
The playing surface should be 100m x 64m with a 3m run off on all sides free from obstacles; where an existing natural turf stadia pitch is being converted and space is limited the run off should be agreed with your FA regional Facilities and investment Manager.

What boots do you wear on 3G pitch?

Artificial grass (AG) football boots are the most suitable choice for playing on 3G pitches. Firm-ground (FG) and Astroturf boots can also be worn, but for the best performance and stability, the most suitable option is artificial grass football boots. Boots with a plastic soleplate or moulded studs are recommended.

Can you wear studs on 3G?

First things first, don’t wear anything with full metal studs on. Soft ground soleplates with metal studs are simply not designed with 3G pitches in mind. In fact, they are best kept for natural pitches, where they penetrate wet muddy ground to give better grip and traction.

Why are 3G pitches good?

1. 3G Turf is an All-Weather Surface. With artificial turf any rainfall will drain through the perforated backing, leaving the surface free from standing water and puddling. 3G pitches can also withstand long periods without rainfall and won’t turn brown or patchy like real turf does throughout the summer months.

How long does it take to install a 3G pitch?

Once planning is granted and the construction programme agreed, the typical length of time on-site to construct a new artificial football pitch is generally 12-14 weeks, with football pitch resurfacing in the region of 6-8 weeks.

How much does it cost to build a 7 a side football pitch?

7-a-side football pitch costs approximately 80k dependent on the type on sports fencing, sports floodlighting required.

What boots on a 3G pitch?

Boots with moulded circular multi-studs are the recommended footwear for competitive training and matches on all 3G surfaces Astro or 4G Artificial Grass training shoes with a dimpled sole are also recommended.

Can you wear boots on a 3G pitch?

Football is normally played on a 3G pitch with long pile turf which gives a realistic grass feel whilst also being able to withstand heavy use. When using the pitch, players must use boots that have studs, this stops the fibres from becoming compressed and damaging the surface.

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