What bus goes to Dundalk?

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What bus goes to Dundalk?

The 63 is the first Bus that goes to Dundalk, Maryland in Dundalk. It stops nearby at 11:03 PM.

How much is bus from Dundalk to Dublin?

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Duration 1h 26m
Distance 85.8 km
Average price €13
Frequency 2/hour

How much is the bus from Dublin Airport to Dundalk?

The best way to get from Dublin Airport (DUB) to Dundalk without a car is to bus which takes 1h 13m and costs €10 – €15.

Are bus Eireann buses still running?

Public transport services are currently running a full schedule of services. Onboard capacity (sitting and standing) is operating at 50% capacity. Public transport capacity will increase to 75% on Monday 19th July 2021.

Is there a bus from Toronto to Owen Sound?

Grey-Bruce Airbus operates a bus from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Owen Sound, ON every 4 hours. Tickets cost $75 – $95 and the journey takes 2h 50m.

Does Owen Sound have public transit?

Public Transit Owen Sound and area residents enjoy an efficient transportation network that provides both Conventional and Specialized Transit service within the City of Owen Sound. Conventional Transit service is a four (4) route system operating during the day Monday through Saturday.

How do I pay for the Matthews bus?

Leap Card is the most convenient and cheapest way to pay for travel with Matthews. Now accepted on all routes, it saves carrying cash and is more beneficial to the customer as your card is always redeemable once registered.

Can you use Leap card on train?

Using your TFI Leap Card on train services When travelling by rail with your TFI Leap Card, touch your card on and off the Validator / Gate when entering and exiting the station or platform. Note: A default fare is deducted from your Travel Credit when you Touch-On.

Is the 747 bus running Dublin?

Dublin Bus’ Airlink services have been permanently suspended due to “the impact of Covid-19.” The 747 and 757 routes to Dublin Airport were temporarily scrapped when the pandemic began but it was announced yesterday that they won’t be making a return.

Does Bus Eireann still take cash?

Bus Éireann fares and tickets In general, you can pay your fare with cash. You can also order your ticket online. Leap Cards: Leap Cards and Student Leap Cards can be used on all Bus Éireann’s city and town services, commuter and rural services, and to buy single tickets on Expressway services.

Is there free travel on the Luas?

Fare Compliance & the Free Travel While on Luas infrastructure or on Luas trams, all passengers must have a valid ticket or pass. Travel on Luas is free for those in possession of a Public Services Free Travel Pass or pensioners’ Public Services Free Travel Pass.

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