Is a Volvo 850 a good car?

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Is a Volvo 850 a good car?

The Volvo 850 is one of the best family vehicles ever designed (in my opinion). We own a 1994 sedan and a 1997 wagon and we love driving them both. We have enjoyed driving our vehicles coast-to-coast. They have been incredibly reliable.

How many Volvo 850 R are left?


850 2,301 (99.6%)
850 T5 GLT 2 (0.1%)
850 CD AUTO 2 (0.1%)
850 T5-R 1 (0.0%)

How much is a 1996 Volvo 850 worth?

1996 Volvo 850 Value – $105-$2,860 | Edmunds.

How much is a Volvo 850 worth?

1997 Volvo 850 trade-in prices range from $131 – $1,242.

Do Volvo make their own engines?

Volvo Cars has a long reputation as a maker of inline (or straight) engines. Previous owner, Ford Motor Company, allowed Volvo to continue to design their own engines, with a new-generation straight-six engine introduced in 2006. More recently the VEA program has been launched.

How much HP does a Volvo 850 R have?

Volvo 850 R 250 hp – Specs & performance.

What kind of car is the Volvo 850R?

Surprisingly, Volvo started off in this race series with an 850 wagon, possibly wanting to shed that family hauler image once and for all. Main beneficiary of all this competition experience right now is Volvo’s 850R sedan, a race-bred machine if ever there was one, with its hunkered-down looks and ultra-low-profile tires on skinny-spoked wheels.

What’s the average speed of a Volvo 850 T-5R?

Mated to a slick-shifting electronic four-speed automatic (the only transmission offered), our T-5R wagon scorched to 60 mph in just 6.7 seconds—three-tenths quicker than our last 850 Turbo wagon.

Why was the Volvo 850 a turning point?

It marked a turning point for Volvo, because it finally saw that most conservative of Swedish carmakers fully embrace front-wheel drive – 10 years after most of the opposition. Not that you’d know to look at it – at the time you’d have sworn it was a scaled-down 740.

What kind of car is the Volvo 700?

It also embraces modern Volvos and plays an important role in helping its solving the complex electronic issues modern cars can present. All Volvos are welcome, from traditional classics like the PV544 and Amazon, 1980s modern classics like the 700, and newer models like the S40, S60, V60 and XC60.

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