What is the superior articular facet?

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What is the superior articular facet?

Superior articular facet (facies articularis superior) is a posterior facing, slightly concave surface on the superior articular process. It articulates with the inferior articular facet on the vertebra above.

What is the function of the superior articulating facet of a vertebra?

The superior facets face medially, and the inferior facets face laterally. This changes at the lumbosacral junction, where the apophyseal joint moves into the frontal plane and the inferior facet on L5 faces front. This change in orientation keeps the vertebral column from sliding forward on the sacrum.

Which vertebrae have superior articular facets?

Thoracic vertebrae
However, T5-T8 have the greatest rotation ability of the thoracic region. Thoracic vertebrae have superior articular facets that face in a posterolateral direction. The spinous process is long, relative to other regions, and is directed posteroinferiorly.

What bone feature does the superior articular process of a vertebra articulate with?

The superior articular processes project upward, where they articulate with the downward projecting inferior articular processes of the next higher vertebrae. A typical cervical vertebra has a small body, a bifid (Y-shaped) spinous process, and U-shaped transverse processes with a transverse foramen.

What is articular pillar?

Articular Pillar of a Normal Midcervical Anterior to the upper articular process deep notches accommodate the root sleeve, ganglion portion of the root and the postganglionic cervical spinal nerve. This section also displays the vertebral artery (black) in the transverse foramina of the vertebrae.

What is the purpose of the articular processes of the vertebrae?

The functional significance of the articular processes is obviously to limit rotation, which can take place in the lumbar segment of the vertebral column during any asymmetrical movement of the body.

Which of the following is the most superior vertebra of the spine?

The cervical vertebrae are the smallest and most superior of the vertebrae. The most superior of these vertebrae articulate with the skull. The thoracic vertebrae are matched to each pair of ribs to form the rib cage and establish the thoracic cavity.

Which part of the spine has the most vertebrae?

cervical region
Upper Vertebrae The cervical region of the spine is the most superior and contains seven small vertebrae. The main function of the cervical region is to facilitate attachment of the skull to the spine, protect the spinal cord over the exposed neck and shoulder region, and support the body.

What is inferior articular facet?

inferior articular facet of vertebra. [TA] the articular surface of the inferior articular process of vertebrae, articulating with the superior articular facet of the vertebra below to form a zygapophysial joint. Synonym(s): facies articularis inferior vertebrae [TA]

What is superior facet?

Superior articular facet (Facies articularis superior) is an oval-shaped, concave structure on the superior aspect of the lateral mass. It articulates with an occipital condyle on the underside skull.

What is the inferior articular surface?

Description. The inferior articular surfaces (inferior articular facets) are circular in form, flattened or slightly convex and directed downward and medialward, articulating with the axis, and permitting the rotatory movements of the head. Just below the medial margin of each superior facet is a small tubercle,…

What is facet vertebral joint?

Facet joint. A thoracic vertebra. The facet joint is the joint between the inferior articular process (labeled at bottom) and the superior articular process (labeled at top) of the subsequent vertebra. Median sagittal section of two lumbar vertebrae and their ligaments.

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