What is Wohnung?

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What is Wohnung?

noun. apartment [noun] a set of rooms for living in, usuallyon one floor of a large building; flat (British) a luxury apartment. dwelling [noun] (formal) a house, flat/apartment etc.

What does it mean to Halo?

halo Add to list Share. A glowing light that circles something, like the moon or a person’s head is a halo. Painters of religious art often put a halo around the heads of angels and saints. The word halo also means “glory or majesty,” a symbolic halo rather than a physical one.

What does Dusma mean in English?

Dushman in English Dushman meaning in English is Enemy and Dushman or Enemy synonym is Foe, Foeman and Opposition. Similar words of Enemy includes as Enemy and Enemy Properties Ordinance, where Dushman translation in Urdu is دشمن.

What is the meaning of Everness?

Filters. (archaic) Perpetuity.

What is the article for Wohnung?

Declension Wohnung

Singular Plural
Nom. die Wohnung die Wohnungen
Gen. der Wohnung der Wohnungen
Dat. der Wohnung den Wohnungen
Acc. die Wohnung die Wohnungen

What does Zimmer mean in English?

noun. room [noun] one part of a house or building, usually used for a particular purpose. This house has six rooms. a bedroom.

What does it mean to see a halo around someone?

Seeing halos around lights could mean that you’re developing a serious eye disorder such as cataracts or glaucoma. Occasionally, seeing halos around lights is a side effect of LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, or from wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

What does the halo represent in the Bible?

A cruciform halo, that is to say a halo with a cross within, or extending beyond, the circle is used to represent the persons of the Holy Trinity, especially Jesus, and especially in medieval art.

What is Dushman called in Urdu?

The Urdu Word دشمن Meaning in English is Enemy. The other similar words are Mukhalif Fouj, Dushman, Hareef and Shetan.

What do you mean by perpetuity?

A perpetuity is a type of annuity that lasts forever, into perpetuity. The stream of cash flows continues for an infinite amount of time. In finance, a person uses the perpetuity calculation in valuation methodologies to find the present value of a company’s cash flows when discounted back at a certain rate.

Is evenness a word?

Evenness is the characteristic of being regular, smooth, or homogeneous. Part of what’s beautiful about snow when it first falls is its undisturbed evenness. When you’re sanding the top of a table or spreading asphalt on a driveway, evenness is what you’re aiming for.

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