Can you put downlights in Kingspan?

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Can you put downlights in Kingspan?

Kingspan Insulation is such a high performing insulation that if you place a downlight or spotlight directly into it without taking appropriate precautions, then there will be little chance for heat generated by the lighting to dissipate.

Can I cover downlights with insulation?

As you’ve no doubt guessed, non-fire rated LED downlights cannot be covered by insulation directly. This means a cover must be fitted before quilt insulation is installed over the fitting. A fire retardant cover such as the Loft Lid will solve this problem.

Can LED lights be covered with insulation?

Insulation can be installed and completely cover LED fittings with an “IC” rating for maximum effectiveness. LED light bulbs last much much longer than incandescent bulbs saving you money & frustration. LED lights are more energy efficient than incandescent, halogen or CFL bulbs.

Can you install downlights in Celotex?

Posted on 20 Jul 2015. If you have a Celotex insulated ceilings then you shouldn’t use downlights. See this information taken direct from the Celotex website.

How much clearance do you need for LED downlights?

A: Manufacturers responses on this question vary but the general rule is to leave sufficient air space which is around 10-40mm from above. Leaving sufficient space from the sides is also important.

How do you insulate downlights?

When you’re covering downlights with insulation it is important not to pack the insulation to close around the sides. A gap of around 75mm is usually recommended but can differ from each product. This provides airflow to the LED and will allow it to ventilate.

Do LED lights get hot enough to start a fire?

LEDs’ electroluminescence technology is entirely different and does not require heat to produce light; LEDs themselves will not get hot enough to start a fire. Much of the energy used by HID lights is emitted as infrared light (above 800 nanometers).

Which downlights can be covered with insulation?

We recommend only installing IC-F rated downlights, which can be abutted and covered with insulation. This means you won’t need to leave any gaps and compromise the effectiveness of your insulation. Watch our installation videos and visit our ‘how to install insulation’ page for more advice and tips!

Can you cover Canless LED lights with insulation?

In order to cover your recessed light cans with insulation you need to have IC-rated (Insulation Contact) cans installed regardless of the type of light installed in the can. Since you mentioned your cans have holes in them, they are most definitely not IC-rated.

Can you put downlights in a flat roof?

Recessed lights are not a good detail in a cold deck flat roof construction like yours. The cold air necessary to ventilate the roof structure, can infiltrate the external fabric, through the holes created for the downlights.

What downlights can be covered with insulation?

The Aurora EFD Pro are fire rated GU10 downlights. They have been specially designed to allow you to cover them with insulation when a GU10 LED is fitted (as opposed to a GU10 halogen, which are now banned anyway).

How big should the gap be for downlights in Kingspan?

A 1 inch gap will exist from the roof tiles to top of the kingspan so hopefully bit of a air flow for heat disapation.I was thinking about cutting a 3 inch square area around each downlight right up to the inch space below the tiles.Does that sound feasible. Cheers Kev.

How big is a hole cut in Kingspan insulation?

Normally we get the builder to cut a hole about the size of a large paint can in the kingspan as they put it up. Never had a problem with BC yet and the fittings/kingspan haven’t destroyed each other either. whats the point of installing expensive insulation like kingspan/celotex and cutting large holes in it.

Are there any downlights that do not need insulation?

There are some new downlights just a smidge thicker than sheet of plasterboard so would not need to cut into insulation, they are low energy so very little heat, there is also a new LED version, they are basically puck lights that look more like normal downlights. Interesting, who stocks these lights have you got a link. Cheers Kev.

How big of a space do you need for led downlights?

Been asked to quote for a kitchen extention,customer wants LED downlights installing.The new ceiling will follow the angle of the pitched roof,with 2 veloux windows fitted.I have to fit the lights in the rafter space of about 7inches depth (Kingspan sheets will be fitted also in the rafters.

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