How much does it cost to Turbo a supra?

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How much does it cost to Turbo a supra?

This is actually quite a bit more than the starting price of the Mk5 Toyota Supra at $53,990. The 1993 Twin-Turbo Supra Mk4 started at around US$39,000 or $70,000 in today’s money….Toyota Supra Mk4 Turbo Original Price.

Model Year Toyota Supra Turbo 2019 Price
1998 $40,508 $63,808

How much HP does a 1990 Toyota Supra have?

Used 1990 Toyota Supra Base Specs & Features

Base engine type Gas
Cylinders Inline 6
Horsepower 232 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque 254 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm

How much is a 1990 Supra Turbo?

The Toyota Supra 1990 prices range from $3,500 for the basic trim level Hatchback Supra Turbo Hardtop to $6,600 for the top of the range Hatchback Supra Hardtop….Hatchback.

Toyota Supra Models SPECS PRICE
Turbo Targa 3.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol 4 speed automatic $4,000 – 6,490

Is the Mk4 Supra illegal?

The illegal Supra The 1994 Toyota Supra model was banned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of serious long-term reliability issues. The ’94 Supra is the only model year with this serious restriction so you can still shop for older models if you would like.

What engine was in the 1990 Supra?

The 1990 Toyota Supra came available with two engine options: the 2.8-liter, 200-horsepower or the turbo-charged 230 horsepower engine. Fuel economy was about 17-23 miles per gallon. Drivers love the 1990 Supra, especially the Turbo version, for its performance and speed.

How much horsepower does a 2021 Toyota Supra have?

255 to 382 hp
2021 Toyota Supra/Horsepower

What is the cheapest Toyota Supra?

The 2021 Toyota Supra costs $43,090 in its base trim level, making it the least expensive car in the luxury sports car class.

How much is a 92 Supra worth?

How much is a 1992 Toyota Supra worth? The value of a used 1992 Toyota Supra ranges from $888 to $6,769, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

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