What are the combat service support branches?

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What are the combat service support branches?

The combat arms (branches) are Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Air Defense Artillery, Aviation, and Special Forces. The combat support branches include the Corps of Engineers, the Military Intelligence Corps, the Chemical Corps, and the Signal Corps.

What is a combat service support element?

The core element of a Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) that is task-organized to provide the combat service support necessary to accomplish the MAGTF mission. The combat service support element varies in size from a small detachment to one or more force service support groups.

What is 3 combat service support?

The CSSB supports echelon above brigade units, multifunctional brigades (maneuver enhancement brigade, field artillery brigade, and combat aviation brigade), functional support brigades (military police, signal, and engineer brigades), and brigade combat teams.

What is a combat support battalion?

A combat support company (CSC) is a company-echelon unit in some United States Army infantry battalion organizations which consolidates combat support elements of the battalion under a company headquarters.

What is the difference between combat support and combat service support?

Expressed another way, Combat Support units are focused on providing operational support to combat units, while Combat Service Support units are focused on providing logistical support to combat units.

What is combat support operations?

Combat support refers to units that provide fire support and operational assistance to combat elements. Combat support units provide specialized support functions to combat units in the areas of chemical warfare, engineering, intelligence, security, and communications.

What does combat support do in the Marines?

They perform a variety of duties including coordinating the movement of Marines and equipment from ship to shore to forward operating bases. This MOS allows officers to develop long-range projects, manage the supply chain and analyze data and performance.

What does a combat support marine do?

What is the responsibility of the combat service support units?

Combat Service Support (CSS), known in the Marine Corps as the Logistics Combat Element (LCE), is responsible for providing direct logistical support to GCE units and general logistical support throughout the MAGTF.

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