Is the red violin based on a true story?

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Is the red violin based on a true story?

The film spans four centuries, weaving together a story of a blood-stained violin’s numerous owners in its 200-year absence from society. While these owners of the violin — as well as the instrument’s famed bloody dye — are fictional, the true story behind the Stradivarius is compelling, nonetheless.

How old is the oldest violin?

In fact, the oldest violin in existence today is one built by Andre Amati around 1565.

Which country makes the best violins?

Cremona, Italy, is the world capital of violin-making, and is the birthplace of the famous Stradivarius violins that can be worth millions of dollars.

Where are the violin makers in Mittenwald located?

However, the makers in Mittenwald were and are for the most part small mom and pop shops rather than the German factories of Markneukirchen, Bubenreuth and Dresden. If you were to make a trip to Mittenwald, this will be obvious from this small sleepy town of cottages.

When did the first trade violin come out?

I have no idea why someone would not use their real name but that was their choice and I include them here for reference. Most of the “trade violins” (instruments made in a factory setting to be exported and sold by those in the trade of selling violins), were primarily made from the 1870’s – 1930’s.

Who was the maker of the Stradivari violin?

In most cases, especially those that are simply labeled with the name of a famous maker such as Antonio Stradivari, the actual factory that made it will never be known and in real ity is not all that important. After all it is the quality of work and sound at this level that is of most importance, not exactly where it was made.

Where was the first Rushworth and Draper violin made?

Apollo and Artist Apollo – Germany and France – for Rushworth and Draper in Liverpool UK – c.1910 to 1920 – several models each Ardeton – Liverpool England for Rushworth and Dreaper – early 1922-1943 (made by Richard Williams, George Hemmings and Frank Fallowfield.) 146 are known to have been made, including a few violas and cellos.

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