Why did my yoyo become unresponsive?

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Why did my yoyo become unresponsive?

If you find that your yoyo is not responding (coming up) as quickly as you like it is possible you need to learn to throw harder, but it could be that your bearing needs to be oiled with some Suber Lube. If you do not clean your bearing the yoyo may become responsive and will not sleep as long as you like.

Why is my yoyo not staying down?

What that means is that the string has gotten wrapped so tightly around the axle that it is no longer free to spin freely. That’s why it won’t sleep. We have a trick called the UFO that you can learn that can help you loosen the string so that the yoyo can sleep again. The yoyo should be able to sleep after that.

Can you make unresponsive yoyo responsive?

I know how to play unresponsive but I want to play with responsive. use thick lube, wrap the string a couple of times and you’re golden. Get a more narrow bearing and throw thick lube in it. It’s not going to throw like a wooden axle but it should get the job done.

What is the difference between a responsive and unresponsive yoyo?

A responsive yoyo will return to your hand with a simple tug after throwing it. A unresponsive yoyo will not return to your hand by tugging it back up no matter how hard you try. You perform a “trick” called a “bind” to force the yoyo to return to your hand. There are many YouTube videos explaining how to do this.

Should I start with responsive or unresponsive yoyo?

Responsive means that when you tug the string of a sleeping yoyo, it will return to your hand. Unresponsive means that when you tug the string, it won’t come back, and to make it come back you need a bind. If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to buy a responsive yoyo.

How do you know if your yoyo is unresponsive?

How to tell if a yoyo is responsive?

  1. 1: Throw.
  2. 2: Remove the string from your finger, then place between teeth.
  3. 3: Bend forward slightly, then jerk back up.
  4. 4: If you did not wake up in a hospital and/or obtain a broken nose; congratulations, your throw is unresponsive.

How long should an unresponsive yoyo sleep?

Unresponsive ball bearing yoyos have a sleep threshold of 10 seconds – 2 minutes or more. So, with just a drop of the yoyo it should sleep 5-10 seconds no problem. With even a weak throw that is still straight, a 20-30 second sleeper should be relatively easy to get as well.

Are unresponsive yoyos better?

Responsive yoyos can be better for new people like me, but they can also hold you back in terms of learning the feel of new tricks, IMO. I find unresponsive yoyos a lot more satisfying and fun to use.

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