How do I look up UCC filings in Oklahoma?

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How do I look up UCC filings in Oklahoma?

You can find Uniform Commercial Code information on any person or corporation in Oklahoma or other states by performing a search on the UCC website of the state or territory where the person resides or the corporation is registered.

How long is a UCC filing good for in Oklahoma?

Duration and effectiveness of financing statement; effect of lapsed financing statement. (a) Except as otherwise provided in subsections (b), (e), (f), and (g) of this section, a filed financing statement is effective for a period of five (5) years after the date of filing.

Are UCC-1 filings public?

The notices of the UCC lien filing are public record and often published in the local newspapers, giving notice of the lien. Amendments to the UCC-1 might also be filed to update secured asset listings.

How do you find your UCC filings in Texas as business owner?

In Texas you can search for UCC-1 filings made against your company through a website provided by the Texas Secretary of State’s office. There is a very small fee for conducting this search. Normally a UCC-1 Financing Statement expires five years from the date and time of filing as indicated on the UCC-1 form.

Where do I file my UCC 1 in Oklahoma?

The proper place to file a financing statement in order to perfect a security interest is the UCC Central Filing Office, located in the Offices of the Oklahoma County Clerk. Transmitting Utilities and EFS Forms are filed at the Secretary of State.

How do I look up a deed in Oklahoma?

How can I get a copy of my deed? The County Clerk’s office “officially” records all deeds, liens, & mortgages related to properties (Registrar of deeds).

What are the UCC filing requirements?

Must include the proper filing fee.

  • the document must have: Debtor’s complete name and address Secured party’s complete name and address Collateral listed
  • Must be clearly legible without magnification or enhancement.
  • Documents must be xerographic-ally reproducible by the copying equipment in use by the County Clerk.
  • What are Oklahoma’s filing requirements?

    Filing Requirements. Oklahoma resident individuals whose gross income from both within and outside of Oklahoma exceeds the standard deduction plus personal exemption are required to file an Oklahoma income tax return. Nonresidents are required to file an Oklahoma income tax return when they receive gross income of at least $1,000 of Oklahoma source income.

    What are UCC Records?

    Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings are records often used to understand which businesses have a secured financial agreement with a given financial institution. The UCC law is intended to standardize and provide a “uniform” set of rules to govern commercial transactions which are often conducted across state lines.

    What is an UCC-1 statement?

    The UCC-1 statement serves as a lien on secured collateral, where the components and filing procedures are comparable to the lien requirements in residential mortgage loan contracts. The UCC-1 statement is a directive of the Uniform Commercial Code which governs business deals and activities in the U.S.

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