What happened Ronn Moss?

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What happened Ronn Moss?

After a lawsuit against former Player bandmate Peter Beckett for the use of the trademark name, Ronn will debut his band as Ronn Moss’ Player for his future concerts. Ronn is now solo and toured Australia again in March 2019 and toured Italy for the first time in mid-2019.

Who is Ronn Moss wife?

Devin DeVasquezm. 2009
Shari Shattuckm. 1990–2002
Ronn Moss/Wife

What happened to the original actor that played Ridge Forrester?

Ronn Moss, one of the original cast members of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” finally packed his makeup bag in 2012 and left the show after 25 years. In a sprawling interview he did with “Entertainment Weekly,” Moss said he left partly due to salary issues, partly to pursue new projects and partly just for a change.

Was Ridge Forrester in a band?

Back on February 16, we reported… Before Ronn Moss romanced Brooke Logan for decades as Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, he was a member of the band Player.

Is Ridge leaving The Bold and the Beautiful 2020?

Thorsten Kaye is set to leave the CBS soap. The actor who currently plays Ridge Forrester on the fashionable daytime drama will be making his exit. But don’t worry; it’s not until next year and it’s only temporary. He wants to take a break to focus on his family.

How old is Ridge Forrester in real life?

Thorsten Kaye (born Thorsten Ernst Kieselbach) is a German-British actor who portrays Ridge Forrester #2 on The Bold and the Beautiful since 2013, taking over the 25 year portrayal by Ronn Moss….

Thorsten Kaye
Born February 22, 1966
Birthplace Frankfurt, Germany
Age 54
Occupation Actor

Is Ronn Moss still married?

The actor’s wife, Devin Devasquez, posted on Instagram that she and Moss have tied the knot once more. “Oops we did it again after 10 years!” Devasquez wrote. “@ronnmoss and I decided to renew our vows again in #Calabria.

Is Ridge Forrester leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

He revealed that his character Ridge Forrester will be written off The Bold and the Beautiful. That’s because the actor is planning a break next year. The set of the soap will look a lot different since Ridge is always around and is involved with most of the storylines. The longtime soap star wants to take a break.

Who is Ridge Forrester’s real father?

Eric Forrester
Thorne ForresterMassimo Marone
Ridge Forrester/Father
Unlike Liam, Ridge took the name of his adoptive father (Eric Forrester). His biological father was Massimo Marone.

Does Ridge marry Shauna?

Ridge and Shauna got married in a quick Las Vegas ceremony.

Does Ridge divorce Shauna?

She pitched the idea that Shauna did not really have a day to remember. The couple had tied the knot in a quickie ceremony in Vegas, and Ridge could not even remember it. After some pleading, Ridge finally agreed to the redo. The two will get married in the Forrester mansion surrounded by those who care about them.

Is Ridge really married to Shauna?

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