Does potato soup have any nutritional value?

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Does potato soup have any nutritional value?

Nutrition Facts 1 cup: 178 calories, 2g fat (0 saturated fat), 9mg cholesterol, 274mg sodium, 26g carbohydrate (0 sugars, 0 fiber), 14g protein.

How many carbs are in Panera’s potato soup?

Nutrition (per serving)

Serving Size 1 cup (242g)
Calories 210
Cholesterol 35mg
Sodium 490mg
Total Carb. 23g

How many carbs are in a bowl of cabbage?

Cabbage, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt, 1 cup, shredded

Protein (g) 0.76
Carbohydrate, by difference (g) 3.34
Energy (kcal) 16.5
Sugars, total (g) 2.19
Fiber, total dietary (g) 1.42

Is potato soup bad?

Potato soup can be healthy, but it’s often made with a cream base instead of a broth base, which means that it, like the chowder, can be loaded with calories and saturated fat.

What is the function of potatoes in your body?

Potatoes are a good source of fiber, which can help you lose weight by keeping you full longer. Fiber can help prevent heart disease by keeping cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check. Potatoes are also full of antioxidants that work to prevent diseases and vitamins that help your body function properly.

How many carbs are in baked potato soup?

Nutrition Facts

Calories: 280.6
Saturated Fat: 3.2g
Cholesterol: 16.3mg
Sodium: 445.9mg
Total Carbohydrates: 46.1g

How many carbs are in cream of potato soup?

Cream of Potato Soup

Nutrition Facts
About 2.5 Servings Per Container
Total Carbohydrate 16g 6%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Total Sugars 2g

Does cooked cabbage have more carbs than raw?

Nutritional Information Note that the same amount of raw cabbage contains about half the calories and carbohydrates as cooked cabbage, but some of the other nutrients are reduced with prolonged cooking. Red cabbage is higher in fiber than green, with 4 ounces of it boiled and drained offering 2.7 grams.

Does cabbage have any carbs?

Cabbage/Has Carbohydrate

How many calories are in a bowl of cream of potato soup?

1 cup: 195 calories, 9g fat (4g saturated fat), 23mg cholesterol, 520mg sodium, 21g carbohydrate (0 sugars, 2g fiber), 10g protein. Diabetic Exchanges: 1 starch, 1 lean meat, 1 vegetable, 1 fat.

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