What does aeropyrum Pernix do?

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What does aeropyrum Pernix do?

Aeropyrum pernix is the first crenarchaeote and first aerobic member of the Archaea for which the complete genome sequence has been determined. The sequence confirms the distinct nature of crenarchaeotes and provides new insight into the relationships between the three domains: Bacteria, Archaea and Eukaryotes.

Are aeropyrum Pernix Autotrophs?

Aeropyrum spp are aerobic, heterotrophic, and hyperthermophilic marine archaea. pernix (Aeropyrum pernix spindle-shaped virus 1 and Aeropyrum pernix ovoid virus 1) or ORFans considered to be derived from viruses.

What is the common name for aeropyrum Pernix?

Organism Name Aeropyrum pernix K1
Other Names
Common Name

What genus is aeropyrum Pernix in?

Aeropyrum pernix/Genus

How does aeropyrum Pernix get energy?

It uses aerobic degradation of complex porteinaceous substrates for energy and grows optimally at 95 degrees C. Transport systems, such as the dependent ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters, facilitate the uptake of essential nutrients to sustain growth (3).

How does the aeropyrum Pernix reproduce?

The archaeon this virus infects is usually found near underwater thermal vents and thrives in salty conditions and temperatures of 90–95°C. The virus infects Aeropyrum pernix chronically, using its cellular machinery to reproduce but leaving the cell intact. The virus is not only unique genetically, but also in shape.

Where is aeropyrum Pernix located?

hydrothermal vents
Aeropyrum pernix are found in harsh environments such as hydrothermal vents. A hydrothermal vent can be described as an environment of extremely hot aqueous solutions of gases or liquid on the surface of the earth.

What kingdom is Aeropyrum?

Data Quality Indicators:

Kingdom Archaea
Phylum Crenarchaeota
Class Thermoprotei
Order Desulfurococcales
Family Desulfurococcaceae

What makes aeropyrum Pernix unique?

The most striking characteristic of the secretome was the high number of transport-related proteins identified from the ATP-binding cassette (ABC), tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic, ATPase, small conductance mechanosensitive ion channel (MscS), and dicarboxylate amino acid-cation symporter transporter families.

Does aeropyrum Pernix have a cell wall?

Outside the unusual cell wall of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Aeropyrum pernix K1. Mol Cell Proteomics.

Is aeropyrum Pernix motile?

pernix ( Sako et al. 1996, (Type species of the genus).; Latin neuter gender adjective pernix, nimble, active, agile, indicating high motility in microscopic inspection.)

Where is Hyperthermus Butylicus found?

Hyperthermus butylicus is under Archaeal kingdom Crenarchaeota. This aquatic anaerobe is found near the coast of the island of São Miguel, Azores, Portugal. Found in temperatures as high as 112C°, H. butylicus has a broad temperature optimum of 95 to 107C°.

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