What foods do the locals eat at Ono seafood?

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What foods do the locals eat at Ono seafood?

Sashimi platters (pre-ordered). Local favorites; dried fish & shrimp/ pickled mango, onions & other items/ poi/ boiled peanuts/ soy beans and many other tasty local treats… When in the islands, grind like the locals do! Come on by- aloha!… Is there an online website to purchase dried seafood (octopus, fish, etc)?

Is the poke Bowl at Ono seafood good?

Do not go there for the poke bowls, I’ve been living in Honolulu for almost 15 years but I have never tasted such a trash poke bowl. (Fish however is fresh and tastes good, but the trash flavor of the rice just overpowers the dish) Not only that, but the service was absolutely terrible, they were rude and stuck up

Which is the best seafood restaurant in Honolulu?

The octopus could had been a bit more tender, but still good. Spicy ahi combo with quarter pound of shoyu ahi, haw’n ahi, and spicy tako. Ono Seafood was my favorite dining experience in Honolulu, and the line out the door showed for it. Even though there was a huge line, the wait wasn’t too long at all.

Is the rice at Ono Sushi Bowl good?

Start your review of Ono Seafood. I don’t even write reviews like that, but for the price, there’s a lot of better options. The rice for the sushi bowl, is soggy and tastes horrible. It ruins the taste of fish. For 15$ for a large, it’s daylight robbery!

Where is the Ono food truck in Oahu?

There is also an Ono Seafood food truck that roams Oahu island (stops include University of Hawai campus, Kailua Farmer’s Market, Kaka’ako Farmers Market, etc). Check their Instagram for location updates. All poke bowl orders come with a free drink (try the Aloha Maid juices) The drinks are self-serve from the fridge.

Where is the Ono seafood in Waikiki located?

Ono Seafood is located on a popular stretch of Kapahulu Avenue (5-minutes drive from Waikiki). It’s also really close to Lenoard’s Bakery and Waiola Shave Ice, so make sure to stop there after for malasadas and shave ice. What Makes Ono Seafood Special

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