How do you use the giant healer?

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How do you use the giant healer?

Deploy one giant and wait until the mortar shell lands. Deploy the rest of the giants so that they aim the air defence. When the AD is down, deploy the healer. Wait until the defences in one half of the village have been destroyed, then deploy your archers and wizards.

What is the best army in clash of clans th6?

I have experimented and come up with the best attacking strategy. Army Composition (3 [level 6] army camps): 10 (level 3) giants, 2 (level 1) healers, 3 (level 3) wallbreakers, 8 (level 3) wizards, 11 (level 3) barbarians, 11 (level 3) archers, 12 (level 3) goblins. Clan Castle (level 3) troops: 4 (any level) giants.

What is the best army for Townhall 6?

Find a base with an air defense near the outside and with at least 80,000 elixer.

  • Use both you lightning spells on the air defense in the middle of the base.
  • use your archers to take out builder huts in the corner.
  • use an archer to lure out clan castle troops and use a giant, a few wizards and the rest of your archers.
  • What are CC troops in clash of clans?

    A Clan Castle is needed for creating or joining a Clan. It houses Troops which can either be placed as reinforcements during an attack, or used as defenders when the player’s base is under attack.

    What is the best attack strategy for th5?

    Don’t forget to check for Clan Castle troops.

  • Spawn giants as close to splash damage (mortar, wizard tower) as possible.
  • Drop wall breakers in groups of two, one after the other, in case of mortars.
  • Spawn archers and one wizard after at least one splash damage is destroyed.
  • Watch your giants, because giants are squishy!
  • Can a giant kill a healer in Clash of clans?

    Use the Rage spell wisely so that the Giants will first benefit of it and afterwards the Healers will, as the Giants will advance. Healers can only be killed by the Air Defence building or by the Air Skeleton traps if triggered. Do not fear the Anti Air mines as the Healers are immune to those and will not trigger them.

    What’s the best giant + healer attack strategy?

    If you face some Wizards in the CC, it can mean the end of all your Giants in couple of seconds! Army compositions for Giant+Healer attack strategy: 6 archers (Level 4) Spells: 1 Healing Spell, 2 Rage Spells.

    Which is the best attack strategy in Clash of clans?

    This attack strategy is the best option starting from TH6, which does not have any other powerful combination other than Giant+Healer. Starting from TH7, the Dragons come into action and play a more important role in 3 star attack strategies.

    What happens when Giants die in Clash of clans?

    The Giants will get one Healing Spell as the Healers will die and the health of the Giants will get low. Following this step, the Giants will make it to the other half of the base and will either provide enough tanking power for the Wizards to finish the base, or will die at the latest buildings but will still ensure the 3rd star.

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